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Primary Project - Pooled Sponsorship for Families and Children in Nepal, India and Tibet.

Tibetan Education & Relief Association's primary project remains the sponsorship of the health, welfare and education of multi ethnic people living in impoverished himalayan communities, who are in most need of help.

Nepal Project

In Kathmandu, Nepal 2017/18 T.E.R.A. sponsors the education, health and welfare of 15 impoverished children in and around the Khatmandu area.

The children attend six different schools and Lhakpa, our Child Welfare Representative and Co-ordinator, monitors their health, welfare and progress, periodically updating us with this information.
The children also receive extra-curricular English lessons from Lhakpa's wife Ritu, the retired Head of an English Department of a highly reputable school in Kathmandu - she gives her time freely, so that they may achieve a high standard of English education for a better start in life, and greater employment opportunities after leaving school.
Lhakpa has been a vital part of T.E.R.A. for over 20 years now, and the invaluable guidance and support from him and Ritu has helped many children develop and progress during their school years and beyond
T.E.R.A. is focussed more than ever on enabling children to become well-educated, as a skilled population is vital to the recovery of Nepal after the devastating earthquakes in 2015

India Project

In Tashi Jong, Himachal Pradesh, India 2017/18 T.E.R.A. supports eleven families, two elderly Tibetans our Representative and his assistant, and others when assistance is needed, in this rural Indian area. The Indian mothers, sometimes with up to five children all living in one room, have often been abandoned or left unsupported due to severe family health issues or beravement. Over time we have :

  • helped individuals meet healthcare and medicine costs e.g. treatment for TB
  • sent food supplements, kindly donated by Nutri Advanced, for distribution at Tashi Jong Clinic; the clinic supportsboth the Tibetan refugee settlement and the local Indian community
  • who are supplied with free medicine when they are unable to afford treatment
  • sponsored a nurse, maintenance, equipment and medicines not supplied by the visiting Amchi(traditional Tibetan doctor)
  • sponsored equipment costs for children to attend state school e.g. satchels and uniforms, until the Indian government started to meet these costs
  • funded the building of outdoor flushing toilets to improve sanitation and to make the community eligible for food coupons

Tibet Project

In a highly restricted remote area of Tibet we support a part-time health clinic which we have refurbished to a better level of functionality. T.E.R.A. also funded the building of a school with local eco-friendly materials, where the children from our sponsored families benefit from schooling up to the age of 13. Overall we help over 70 nomadic Tibetan Drokpa families.


Our Friends at Nutri Advanced Supporting T.E.R.A. since 2007

In the first half of 2007, several T.E.R.A. representatives visited Nutri Advanced at Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire, to thank the company for their generous donation of thousands of pounds worth of medicines and food supplements (multi-vitamins and probiotics) to improve the health of sponsored children and families who cannot afford even basic medical items. T.E.R.A. members were shown round the plant by the Head of Nutri, Ken Eddie, and Marketing Director Gary Courtney. They met all the staff, saw the marketing and telesales departments, and watched the vitamins and food supplements being packaged in their warehouse. Afterwards, Nutri kindly presented us with another donation - some of these supplements were used to help children and the elderly in Tibet and Nepal; the rest of the supplements were distributed to orphanages and refugee camps in India. Nutri (now Nutri Advanced) has continued to donate supplements to T.E.R.A. to this day, so that we may benefit others.

A huge thank-you to Nutri from all at T.E.R.A.!

Return To The Hills of Kathmandu Music Track

2016 is T.E.R.A.’s 30th Anniversary! We are celebrating in a big way as top DJ Trevor Fung (with Dan Wainwright, TJ Lawton and Melodie Forrester) has created and donated a digital MP3 music track for us to raise funds for our Nepal Fund, which provides education sponsorship for children affected by the devastating earthquakes in Nepal last year.
The track is called 'Return to the Hills of Kathmandu' and you can purchase it on iTunes here, Amazon here and Google Play here.
Huge thanks from all at
T.E.R.A. to Trevor, Dan, TJ Lawton, and Melodie Forrester (who provided vocals on the track). You can view our Facebook feature about the track here.

The purchase price will buy you not only a super-cool dance track, but the knowledge that you are enabling children in Nepal to enjoy the valuable gift of education through
T.E.R.A. sponsorship every time a track is downloaded. And the bonus is that every penny goes to our Nepal Fund because our charity staff are all volunteers who pay their own expenses!
Please share the links with your friends who may want to help, or may even want to pass on the details to their own friends. For every 14 downloads of the track, one child in Nepal has his/her tuition fees sponsored for a whole month. Thank you from all at
T.E.R.A.! And huge thanks again to Trevor, Dan, TJ, Melodie, and eBay for Charity & PayPal Giving Fund!

TERA Team Members


Windhorse Newsletter.

Windhorse, our newsletter, is issued when possible on an annual basis and circulated to all donors and sponsors.
Feedback for this is positive and we plan to continue publishing the newsletter once a year.
We also have a Facebook Page with up to date information on all issues affecting T.E.R.A.

Current and past issues of Windhorse are available at the links below :

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